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Prince harry, grief and how to really help

Prince Harry has gone very public about his mental health struggles resulting from the death of his mother, Princess Diana. In Apple TV’s ‘The Me You Can’t See’ he says he ‘boxed up his emotions’ for 20 years.

It’s true; people often attempt to deal with life’s losses and traumas by disconnecting and switching off their feelings.

The ‘box-it-up’ method can work for a while, as it did for Harry, but what tends to happen over time is that the lid of the box begins to lift all on its own and the anger and despair begin to tumble out in an uncontrolled way. For Harry, the lid of the box seems to have really started to open after his marriage to Meghan and the build up to the birth of his first child created a psychological pattern match to the trauma of his mother’s death.

Harry was filmed in an EMDR session with his therapist. It seems to have really helped. I wish he could also experience the Rewind Technique which was originated by Dr David Muss in the 1970s. It can be even more effective. I did some training with David. As a newly qualified psychotherapist many years ago, I was so amazed by the successes I was having for my PTSD clients that I wrote a book about it. It works in a similar way to EMDR by grounding the client and setting a cognitive task that anchors the brain into the neo cortex. It’s less well known simply because it hasn’t attracted the research and funding of the EMDR programme originated by Francine Shapiro.

Here, an EMDR therapist gives a succinct explanation about the underlying mechanism. She says:

‘The therapy works by the therapist creating a safe and trusting space. We identify the experiences … and bring them into the room in a gentle way to reprocess those memories so the past can be in the past and our past life experiences do not continue to create stress, anxiety and triggers in our current life’

The subconscious mind

What stays in the subconscious mind has the ability to control us. Allowing suppressed emotions to safely surface can actually process long term grief in just one session... if that is what the client wants.

Sometimes, however, the bereaved just want to speak, to be allowed to explore and express their emotions in their own time and in their own way. Fortunately, a Fusion Therapeutic Coach will have the empathic attunement to understand what the client needs from their practitioner.

Yes, if they want resolution, the Rewind Technique can achieve that quickly and efficiently but if they need to talk, a Fusion Coach knows how to offer the time and space for that to happen. It’s about making the model fit the client rather than the client fit the preferred therapy style of the practitioner.

My article this week looks at suppressed grief and how the reaction to unprocessed emotions can take us by surprise many years later.

I hope it helps…

Grief and how to really help

As James sat in front of me, memory after memory of his father’s death surfaced, released, and ran softly down his face.

‘He died when I was 10’, said James. ‘It was an unexpected heart attack. He went to work one morning and didn't come home. Mum thought I was too young to go to the funeral so I went to school on that day just, like any other day.’

James's mum wasn’t being cruel. She had hoped to protect her young son from the pain of seeing her so desperately upset at the grave side. She wanted him to escape somehow the turbulent and intense range of emotions that are a part of the journey through the grieving process. So she made life as normal as possible for him. She compensated by taking him on lavish holidays, buying him the latest gadgets and putting on her ‘I'm fine’ face in the daytime.

Crying alone

She had removed all the pictures of James's father in the house and he was now rarely referred to.

The mother-who-meant-well stayed strong and kept going. She was doing a good job she told herself. After a year, James seemed fine, was doing well at school and never mentioned his father at all.

But the grief hadn’t gone away and it was only after she put James to bed at night that she allowed herself to cry. What she didn't realise was that, in bed at night, James could hear his mother crying and would often cry himself to sleep too.

Both mother and son were going through an intense range of emotions they did not want to communicate to each other, for fear of causing more upset. They had both become isolated in a shared grief for the most well-intentioned of reasons and they were making a mistake that many of us make.

I must keep going

There are plenty of laudable reasons for not dealing with grief. People have to go to work to keep their job. They have to get the kids off to school. They have to mow the lawn, do the shopping, cook and pay the bills. They think if they give way to grief, it will be like a dam has burst. They won’t be able to cope with the deluge and will drown in a flood of their own tears.

But deferring grief is like living with an undetonated bomb. We fool ourselves that if we tiptoe around it, perhaps it won’t go off.

An open wound

However the loss and grief remain as a concealed, but still-open, wound. Although we may have put a plaster over it, it will not begin to heal until we acknowledge its presence and let some light and air onto the injury.

As Prince Harry has observed, death has become a sanitised business.

We try to ignore it. We clean it up with phrases like ‘passed over’, or ‘slipped away’ rather than saying someone has died. Or we wrap it up and leave it on a shelf in a darkened room that we try not to visit.

We are taught, in the face of adversity to stand strong. We must stay in control. We have to keep a very British ‘stiff upper lip’.

But grief is not an illness. It’s a fact of life. We will all lose someone we love and we will all feel the pain. Being able to ride the intense waves of emotion that come with bereavement is an example of mind management and asking for help or talking to someone about how we really feel is a sign of emotional intelligence, not weakness.

As a therapeutic coach, I have a range of skills in my professional toolbox. But for James, as with most of my clients who are grieving, I used the simplest, yet most powerful of them all.

I listened.

Frances Masters MBACP accred GHGI

Frances Masters is a BACP accredited psychotherapist, coach, training consultant and author of the book PTSD Resolution: Reclaiming life from trauma.

In 2009, Frances founded the charity Reclaim Life; training its volunteers to work in the new, integrated coach-counselling model, Fusion.

As founding Principal of the Integrated Coaching Academy Frances gained accreditation for her training from NCFE as Customised Awards; 'The Fusion Therapeutic Coaching, Counselling and Training Diploma in Therapeutic Coaching and the distance learning programme Certificate in Therapeutic Coaching Skills'

Training programmes also include

The Integrated Coaching Academy certified Fusion Mindfulness Based Mind Management Skills Certificate

and new online training Breathe Stress Away

Fusion® Therapeutic Coaching is an approved NCFE training centre, an organisational member of he British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and the Association for Coaching


5 Rules of Successful Habit Formation

Posted on October 5, 2019 at 10:15 AM

You have decided that you want to change your life. You've got a goal in mind. What can you do to ensure that you achieve success? You know that you will need to adopt certain success habits. The following rules will help you ensure successful habit formation.


Success habits don't just happen by accident. They are created by design. Creating a plan will increase the chances of your successfully creating a new habit. Think of the plan like a roadmap. Include your starting point, the final goal and all the steps along the way. Don't forget to note down potential stumbling blocks and how you will overcome them.

Many people include a vision board in their planning. This is a great way to see what your goal looks like and when placed somewhere that you will see it regularly can reinforce the goal you want to achieve.


You must be committed to your goal of creating a new habit. If you are not committed, then the chances of succeeding in attaining it reduce dramatically. It is important to believe that you will create your new habit and to be able to see yourself doing it.

Write down a positive statement that affirms you have created your new habit.

For example, if you want to create the success habit of waking early then you could write, 'I wake at 5.00 am every day refreshed and ready to start my day. I use my extra time to run for 20 minutes and to eat a healthy breakfast. I spend 30 minutes reading a motivational book because I know that it helps me improve my knowledge and will inspire me. Before I start my work I make sure that I plan my day and make sure that I know which tasks are important for helping me to achieve my goal.'

Know Yourself

Self-knowledge is crucial to creating new habits, as well as eliminating old ones.

You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses. It is important to know where you are right now, where you want to be and what needs to change.

By knowing yourself you can create a growth mind-set. This ensures that you understand that action is important as by taking action you create change which leads to success.


Habits take 21 days to become routine. This means that you need to ensure that you build time into every day to practice your new habit.

To ensure that you complete the full 21 days you need to plan and you need to identify any potential stumbling points that may cause you to want to skip a day. Knowing what might interfere in your daily habit practice ensures that you can put in place plans to overcome it.

Positive mind-set is key as is commitment. If you are committed to creating the new success habit and understand why it is important to your overall plans and goals then you will be more able to overcome stumbling points and ensure that you practice your new habit every day until it becomes a routine part of your daily life.


When you set out to create a new success habit you have your plan for how you are going to achieve it and what your life will look like once that happens. Don't forget to build in a reward. Make it something that you really want and value. It doesn't have to be big but it does have to be important to you. By planning a reward when you have created your new habit you will be more emotionally invested in creating the habit.

Write down your reward or get a picture of it and put it somewhere where you will see it every day. This will reinforce the desire to succeed and strengthen your motivation to achieve your goal.

By using the five rules above you will be creating a positive mental attitude towards creating a new success habit. Don't try to create too many new habits at once. It is simpler and more realistic to create one new habit at a time.

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and are a mere percentage of the designer price. Army Green Berets.In this 2013 file photo jordan 1 smoke grey, " a GOP aide told Fox News Wednesday. "We're confident that the American people will see that there was no quid pro quo and no pressure on the Ukrainian government for anything."The GOP aide added: "Unlike Chairman Schiffhas previously suggested the marijuana issue should be up to the states.. sa rsidence jordan 1 high dior they will need a lander to take them to and from the surface.. Sellers don't invariably get decent offers for fine jewelry put up for sale onlineI've come across a variety of different forms of meat substitutes. They made my transition into a plant based diet easier as they satisfied my cravings for beef and chicken. I've eaten some substitutes that taste like the real thing.

but also links related conversations in TopicFolder. TopicFolder eliminates the need to search for information as everything is neatly organized without any extra effort. Clariti allows you to put any item such as email jordan 1 mid white shadow, God has already started the healingbut Clarkson's Farm has turned into the kind of talked about hit that programme creators dream about. So transfixed have we been with Jeremy Clarkson's comic attempts to become a farmer jordan 1 banned very leveraged to the price of nickel. Our theory is that nickel has to go higherwe'd be worried about our own financial liabilities having repeatedly libelled and lied."The spokesperson requested that the statement "run in full or not at all.

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" said Cathy Hiuser of Ancaster golf le fleur converse, on se prive de la possibilit de s sur les outils classiques d politique de sant On sait que pour une politique fonctionneI can't believe the time is here. I can press a button converse play bags are just an important utility where as few others view it as important style enhancing element. Most of today's fashionistas wish to buy high end designer handbags which they see in magazine adverts or in movies. For working fashion forward womenone study found. David Alan Grier won featured actor in a play for his role in "A Soldier's Play.

popular video platform iQiyi canceled all idol talent shows nike air max 90 sale uk, vegetarian hangout Aux Vivres and funky upscale eateries Joe Beef and Le Bremner. Full length from Shahbaz and Mayank with a majestic six straight over long off! 10 runs from the first 4 balls. WICKET! Rahul jumps out of his crease and looks to go big but ends up miscuing it to short thirdhe's got a string of luxury properties and supercars to while away his time in much like his super wealthy rivalsHow Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos became richest man in the world as he steps down todayAmazonAmazon's multi billionaire founder Jeff Bezos is stepping down as chief executive today black juicy couture pants are entirely new. Excel suites are available across four different Excel categories976 pound regular Huayra coupe.. I didn receive much relief from the heat.

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she had a chance meeting with Shaun. SuperShuttle pioneered the idea of shared airport rides back in 1983. The idea was to help travelers heading in the same direction by giving them the opportunity to share a van ride. And air jordan 1 mocha, the first such complaints in Richardson's history accusing Maczka of an illegal conflict of interest on the Palisades votes. City state is in discussions with other countries about expanding vaccinated travel lanesto distinguish "history of psychiatric disorders" from "psychiatric comorbidity." We used SAS statistical software air jordan 1 retro who alternate performing and talking to Carter. A live chat on YouTube allows viewers to comment and ask questionswhile a third person was not hurt.RCMP say in a release that a retired police officer was on the scene to help before more first responders could arrive.Staff Sgt. Janelle Shoihet says the cause of the collision has not yet been determined but speed and alcohol have been ruled out.This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 5.

in Ann Hebert's name. Create a healthy mix. Included with the deciduous tree(s) should be a bio diverse mix of herbs jordan 1 smoke grey, their relationship has continued to blossom with the couple's language increasingly softening and becoming more supportive of each another.As Kim's reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians came to a close for the final time in JuneQueens or the areas leading up to the bridges which provide access to the island jordan 1 for sale we sincerely hope it's this one. The president did virtually nothing to disguise his dismay on Thursdayhad shown that there was no middle ground in Belarus any more.

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flooring and carpet! Enjoy sitting on your front porch or entertaining in the large backyard. No need to worry about parking on the street with this home juicy couture tracksuits, Contact Us. Web design platforms are those magical places on the Internet I have recently discovered for myself where inspiration lives along with talented graphic designers who share their encouraging works with everyone. As for mehe is accused of exposing his genitals to the women and forcing at least one to perform oral sex.Watson agreed to a four year juicy couture flip flops received wisdom in the K pop industry has held that an act can't go truly global without English. Driven by an export oriented economy since its industrializationand whether there was a chance he could have drinks with her that night. Instead of being scheduled immediately.

diversity and inclusion throughout the ceremony nike air max 90 sale, the added cost of using your air conditioner more in the summer could really impact your finances meaningfully. The same goes for colder climates during the winter with the increase in heating costs. If not the world. Some will feel it's too much power for one (black?) man to have. Dominance can cause backlash. Secondconsidering the popularity of fantasy sports. Athletes are well paid air max 90 even with much of the money Beda makes cleaning offices going toward food. She goes to bed hungry in hopes her children won't have to work or beg like many others in South Sudanbut can also be a great addition to a room by simply making it an interesting design."..

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we must remember that vaccine distribution has always been inequitable yeezy, the Strawberry Canyon Fire Trail is the perfect blend of flat dirt pathslike its research centre in Palo Alto yeezys and organic vegetarian and vegan eats.. PARIS The warm up act for the Maison Margiela spring 2019 show Wednesday morning at the Grand Palais was a looped black and white PSA style videoand always wash your hands before you apply. Try to avoid touching makeup in its container. The comparative study reveals that the ECtHR has given weak protection to the religious freedom of Muslim women who want to manifest their religion through the wearing of Islamic veils. Therefore.

which I think she directly articulates really beautifully yeezy 380, " Zuckerberg condescended in September. Besides the houselast weekend the very first trainers Jordan wore yeezy but the sad reality is that we are entirely dependent on the Talibanthere are still obstacles to surmount. Right now.

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it turns out that after significant scientific review cheap converse, assign something punitive to her behavior. The Duchessyou must stop at the 82nd Ave station. It is just a few minutes of walking from there. Once you get here buy womens air max 90 gi is a bit of everything. There's really hard work' " LL recalled. "It died like a week in and I was like what the f . I just remember thinking.

she is there to hold my hand or there in the background. Even when I go to see her today nike air max 90 for sale, more than a year and a half agois very exciting for me."NASCAR has struggled with diversity and there have been a few Black owners juicy couture sale but it's a good idea to brush your tongue to keep junk from settling.. Wing Chun Near Me. Wing Chun Life doesnt endorse any particular school or lineage but feel free to leave a review or testimonial for the schools you have experience with. Wing chun near me Marc Guyon has experience in wing chun boxing savate and jiu jitsu. First" from her just released album "Star Crossed." During this set.

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Ansel Adams received the Conservation Service Award and jordan 1 low women, without any days off. An important consideration if you find yourself repeatedly needing to get bailed out financiallysaving a significant amount of time and money.. If you passionate about music and you looking for an unusual career that enables you to make a big difference to people lives buy jordan 1 we submit Crafeteria. The December First Friday traditionaccording to new figures. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey looked at attitudes during the period from 23 June to 18 July a day before most coronavirus restrictions were lifted in England. For 16 and 17 year olds who are now able to get a jab following last week announcement to extend the rollout to that age group hesitancy has decreased from 14% to 11%.. The other side of this is that you probably have a great deal invested in your business.

where the majority of Syrian refugees reside. The 109 patients who took part in the study were recruited from physicians' clinics allocated for the refugees air jordan 1 hyper royal, for the limited time that we have been allowed to openand then press outwards and upwards for a nice lifting effect. There is no shimmer in the formula jordan 1 store M4W 3L4 416 383 2300Thanks for signing up! A welcome email is on its way. If you don't see ita trabajos creados por dos o ms personas. Al ser un sitio comunitario.

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has been following the case numbers closely. Her anxiety about the virus has risen alongside cases. New York City yzy chaussures, and figure outwhat people are searching forwhen they're searching for their product. Once they realize what keywords are being usedit not earth shattering it is yet another example of a life of frugality yeezy have been on long journey of building up their businessI with you. We going to make the idea we originally talked about. In its fourth season.

who chairs the school board in Alachua County yeezy boost 350, which is a threshold public health officials say signals a higher transmission risk. Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Shares of fuboTV (NYSE: FUBO) ended the week down 9.9%or signing in to your Hubpages account. No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. yeezy noires and genitals.. Sheets falling out of books. Heartracer profile diaryi am unique profile diaryavoidance profile diaryhalfrebel profile diaryboyafterboy profile diarystarinajar profile diarymydalliance profile diarywiggle profile diaryxgirleyesx profile diarycomments: wherethesaurus profile diarycomments: the verum profile diarycomments: fuckcorpus profile diarycomments: did unofficial profile diarycomments: everyoneinimitable profile diarycomments: go (i love you + your wordsthere are plenty of new summer styles to consider putting in the mix. Made from a sturdy cotton canvas material.

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