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HACK YOUR BRAIN HAPPY: 21 ways to improve wellbeing e-book


What if there was a direct route to serenity?

What if you could 'rewire your brain' for optimum happiness, and the secrets of extreme wellbeing could be reduced to something like an algorithm, like having a master-key to unlock the 'mechanism' of happiness?

It’s certainly true that some people seem happier than others. They bounce back when things go wrong, deal with stress better and just seem to get more enjoyment out of life.

Wouldn't it be great to have a recipe for happiness and, if we could, just what would the ingredients be? In today’s fast moving world, everyone is seems, would benefit from a short cut to the Land of Calm.

Yet the world of mental health has become increasingly complicated and people have become more and more bewildered by the mixed messages sent out about how to stay on top of our own wellbeing.

As an experienced psychotherapist and coach, I’ve written this book to distil the theories of happiness to a range of tools and skills that are easy to understand, easy to use and easy to include in your everyday life. You can use this book to start to make changes, knowing that even a small change can make an enormous difference when practiced regularly.

So, let’s focus on what you can do straight away to rewire your brain for happiness.


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